Keg info

$30 refundable deposit on all kegs regardless of size – refunded when shell is returned in good condition

Pony (plastic) Pump Rental - $8 with $30 refundable deposit

Pony Pump Purchase – $35

Bronco (metal) Pump Rental - $15 with $50 refundable deposit

Bronco (metal) Pump Purchase - $50

We have tubs available for rental & purchase.

ICE! Don’t forget to get ice.

Jockeybox info

We now offer jockeybox rental for your next event. Jockeyboxes allow for quicker dispensing of your beer with less mess. The box itself contains steel coils that will stay covered with ice water. This means colder beer served quickly. We have 1-tap or 2-tap models available. Please call or stop by for more information regarding jockeybox rentals.

Kegs in-stock

The following kegs are in-stock. THE PRICES & availability ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please contact us for more information about purchasing.


Anthem Golden One 5G $97

Blue Moon 5G $80

Boulevard Tank 7 5G $125

Boulevard Wheat 5G $80

Boulevard Wheat 15G $185

Bud Light 7G $88

Bud Light 15G $137

Budweiser 5G $65

Budweiser 15G $137

Coop F5 IPA 5G $98

Coop Horny Toad 5G $95

Coop Native Amber 5G $95

Coors Banquet 7G $69

Coors Banquet 15G $110

Coors Light 7G $89

Coors Light 15G $138

Corona Premier 7G $110

Dos XX Lager 5G $85

Dogfish Head 60 Minute 5G $125

Kona Big Wave 5G $95

Lagunitas IPA 7G $129

Lively Lager 5G $110

Michelob Ultra 5G $65

Michelob Ultra 15G $138

Miller Lite 7G $90

Miller Lite 15G $125

Modelo Especial 7G $110

Fat Tire 5G $80

Old Style 15G $115

Pabst 15G $115

Pacifico 7G $110

Roughtail ERWO 5G $130

Sam Adams 76 5G $100

Sam Adams Boston Lager 5G $100

Shiner Lt Blonde 7G $110

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale 5G $100

Stella Artois 5G $110

Stone IPA 5G $110