Coming Changes– August 4th, 2018


Hello, friends and patrons.

The Oklahoma weather is hot and crispy. Traditional August. But as schools start fall terms and football teams begin practices, we know cooler weather will be here soon. This 2018 fall will be unlike any other in Oklahoma. There are many changes happening for Oklahoma wine, beer & spirits consumers. Many are becoming apparent daily. Others will take effect in October. Most notably, single-strength COLD beer in liquor stores, including the most popular domestic beers (Budweiser, Miller, Coors, et al). Also, our operational hours at Grand Cru will shift to accommodate our hectic, modern lives. Grand Cru will now be able to sell your favorite non-alcoholic mixers as well as other bar supplies.

Over the past several months, you may have noticed many of the changes at our store to help facilitate the transition. Installation of a 700 square-foot cooler; new shelving that allows us to carry nearly 50% more wine; relocation of products to allow for room of non-alcoholic products such as tonic water, ice, wine gift bags, etc.; and plenty more to come as well.

And included, this brand-new website! will promote our monthly staff selections, upcoming tasting & dinner events, highlight our favorite brands, and more. Sign-up for our e-mail newsletter today. We hope you will follow us on our social media platforms as well.

We hope that our modifications will help our loyal customers. Please let us know suggestions.


Grand Cru Wine & Spirits Staff

Dale Blackburn