How About Some French Wine?


Its easy to fall into a routine when youre drinking wine. You find a bottle you like and after a long day at work you dont want to force your exhausted brain to make yet another decision. So you grab that same thing you always get, that trusty old brand-name bottle. While we would never discourage anyone from enjoying a wine they already know they like, there are rewards out there for the more adventurous drinker. Don't worry, were going to make it easy for you. Starting with our French wines and then moving on from there in future articles, were going to give you all the information you need to pick and enjoy some of the best wines from all over the world.

The first wine-producing part of the world well discuss is France. If youre not drinking any French wine, youre really missing out on an opportunity to expand your wine experience. Every inch of wine growing land in all of Europe has been claimed and utilized for hundreds of years so the majority of French wines are named for the regions from which they are produced rather than their grapes. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone and Champagne are some of the best known regions and we have entire sections dedicated to each one at Grand Cru.

In the following articles, we will tackle these French regions and tell you everything you need to know to select an excellent bottle from each. Then we’ll keep going from there with wines from other locations around the entire world. So be sure to keep checking back with us at We’re just getting started.

(Written by Nathan Lee)